A new Dying Light 2 gameplay trailer references the first games protagonist

A brand new Dying Light 2 gameplay trailer sets up the events of the long-awaited sequel, and it does so in surprisingly dramatic fashion, even referencing the protagonist of the first Dying Light, Kyle Crane.

The latest trailer is subtitled ‘The Reason’, and as promised, it vaguely explains Dying Light 2 hero Aiden Caldwell’s motive for traveling to The City, one of the last basecamps of humanity’s failing war against the infected. It’s understandable you’d want to know why Aiden headed there, as exploring the sanctuary’s luxurious lifestyle quickly turns dangerous as human and infected enemies are established.

It turns out Waltz Herder (sp?), a character referenced in earlier Dying Light 2 trailers, kidnapped Aiden’s sister Mia when they were children, and naturally, Aiden is intensely hungry for answers. In the trailer, Aiden questions a couple of people who seem to have some knowledge of the situation, but he’s told the information would be “expensive” to obtain.

At one point in the trailer, an unseen character makes reference to original Dying Light protagonist Kyle Crane. As the camera pans across a (relatively) calm, zombie-less rooftop, the character sighs, “Who would’ve thought the end of the world could be so peaceful? I wish Crane could’ve seen this.” 

*Spoilers ahead for Dying Light and its expansion, The Following*

Dying Light 2

(Image credit: Techland)

Kyle Crane barely survives the ongoing zombie apocalypse in Dying Light, but in one of the possible endings in The Following, he’s infected and presumably winds up turning into a zombie. It’s unclear if it’s this ending that Dying Light 2 will follow, but it sounds like we’ll learn more about Kyle Crane’s fate regardless.

Techland recently clarified that Dying Light 2’s main story is about 20 hours if you’re focused on just beating the game.

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