Dying Light 2 Water Tower, and Jack and Joe choices explained

The Dying Light 2 Water Tower choice is a tough one, but you’ll also need to decide what to do with Jack and Joe and whether to fight or help them out of town. You decision on who you give the Horseshoe Water Tower to between the Survivors or the Peacekeepers will have ramifications further into the story and affects gameplay in a meaningful way, something that not all the choices in Dying Light 2 actually do. We’ve laid out the outcomes of the possible choices, and the best Dying Light 2 Water Tower choice for you to make when it comes to the Survivors or Peacekeepers.

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Dying Light 2 Water Tower choice explained

Dying light 2 water tower choice peacekeepers or survivors

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There are actually several choices that occur during the Water Tower mission, concerning who you give it to and what you do with the thugs currently occupying it and wiring it to explode. We’ve laid them all out below in order and how you can handle it, including whether the Survivors or the Peacekeepers should get the Water Tower itself.

Fight or Negotiate Jack and Joe

Dying light 2 water tower choice peacekeepers or survivors

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The first of several choices occurs after you rip the last of the C4 off the walls and confront the two goons who planted it, Jack and Joe. Right away they hold up the detonator and threaten you with explosions, giving you two options: fight or negotiate.

This isn’t a choice, because it doesn’t matter either way. If you choose to fight they try to blow the tower, fail because you disarmed everything, panic and open negotiations themselves. If you choose to negotiate, you just skip the first bit and get to the same place. It’s the end of the conversation, not the beginning, that’s important.

I will help you or I won’t help you

Dying light 2 water tower choice peacekeepers or survivors

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After explaining their situation, Jack and Joe ask for help getting out of town before the consequences of their actions crash down on them. There is a divergence here; if you tell them to get out of town they leave and show up at a later point in the game with a side quest (optional, but it’s there if you want it).

Choose not to help them and it goes straight to combat, with Aiden fighting both of the brothers in that room. Victory means killing them both, at which point your involvement with them ends for good. It’s not a huge distinction, but considering one gets you the chance for more gameplay, we suggest letting them live. Either way, it’s after that the big choices kick in.

Should you give the Water Tower to the Survivors or Peacekeepers?

Dying light 2 water tower choice peacekeepers or survivors

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Choosing whether the Bazaar or the PK gets the Water Tower is actually setting up a mechanic threaded throughout Dying Light 2, in which Zones of Villedor can be given to one Faction or another by activating a facility in that Zone. That Zone then gains certain perks depending on which side you’ve aligned with, and the more facilities you give them, the better those perks become, stacking on top of each other accordingly. 

That’s how to assign factions in Dying Light 2 and it is what’s happening here – this area of Old Villedor will gain either a sudden increase of zipwires or car bombs for you to trigger, depending on whether you give it to the Survivors or Peacekeepers respectively. 

Out of these specific options we found that the zipwires get more use on a regular basis (cars don’t appear on rooftops, unsurprisingly, and even then they’re a little too rare and contextual for regular use), but the reality is that you should be looking further at the better options for each faction, as the entire chain of perks is laid out for you from the start. The Peacekeepers offer fighting advantages – turrets, traps, a crossbow, etc – while the Survivors set up various new parkour devices around their zones to help you navigate, as well as some other perks like a resurrection ability. 

After that the story doesn’t actually seem to divert depending on this choice, more tied to choices you make before and after this point. This is more about impacting gameplay and what’s available in the world, and setting up the way in which you can create more environmental interactions by supporting the two groups.

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