Help Hakon or leave him to die in the Dying Light 2 Revolution quest?

In the Dying Light 2 Revolution quest, you’ll need to decide if you’re going to help Hakon or leave him to die after he gets getting shot. It’s a tricky choice that comes just after the windmill mission as you try to escape through the metro tunnels to the Villedor Central Loop. Obviously, things go awry thanks to a rogue crossbow sniper, leaving you to make the call on whether you help or abandon your Dying Light 2 companion. We’ve got all the information on the ‘help Hakon’ or ‘leave him to die’ choices and outcomes for the Dying Light 2 Revolution quest.

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Help Hakon or leave him in Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2 Revolution story quest help hakon or leave him to die choice

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Just after the Peacekeeper windmill explodes – and you’ve said your goodbyes and made your choice to either keep a promise to Alberto or go to the center in Dying Light 2 Revolution – you’ll eventually have to make your way over to Hakon so that you can get out of Old Villedor and head to the Central Loop. Once you meet with Hakon, things go a bit wrong, to put it lightly, when he is suddenly hit by a mystery crossbow sniper.

As Aiden rushes to Hakon’s aid, he notices an unusual three-clawed wound on Hakon’s chest, clearly belonging to Commander Lucas’s Lazarus weapon. Aiden realizes that it was in fact Hakon that killed Lucas and not anyone from the Bazaar. The revelations keep coming as Hakon also admits that he is working for Waltz too. With this new knowledge about one of Aiden’s only true allies in Villedor, you need to decide if you’re going to help Hakon or leave him to die.

Help Hakon

Dying Light 2 Revolution story quest help hakon outcome

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If you decide to help Hakon, Aiden will quite carelessly rip out the crossbow bolt from Hakon’s shoulder to help him out and will say he’s going to get the sniper. Beyond that, it’s clear that Hakkon and Aiden’s friendship is sort of ruined. With Hakon still alive, he is able to get on the radio to you and give you a bit of advice – although a lot of it is stating the obvious – as you attempt to deal with the unknown crossbow assassin.

After dealing with the sniper, Aiden will check in on Hakon to catch him up on what just happened and Hakon will give some final Dying Light 2 tips before Aiden says he’s done listening to his advice and leaves him.

Leave Hakon to die

Choosing to leave Hakon to die is much less exciting than choosing to help as he just stays silent, leaving you to deal with the sniper alone. Aiden tells Hakon that if this sniper doesn’t get him, the Infected likely will instead and it’s left at that.

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