The best Death Stranding DOOMs birthday, and does it even matter?

You be asked to pick your Death Stranding birthday at the start of the Director’s Cut, with the message “DOOMs abilities vary according to date of birth”. Obviously that’s an immediate problem, because of course you want to lie and pick the best date. But what is it? And what does it actually affect? 

Coming up we’ll work through all the Death Stranding birthday and DOOMs info we have, explain exactly what’s going on and help you make a decision and stop worrying about it all in Death Stranding. Don’t worry too much though, it’s a fairly inconsequential beat in weird game that just happens to pop up right at the start to worry you. 

Death Stranding DOOMs constellations

Death Stranding DOOMs constellations

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It doesn’t tell you this until after you’ve filled in your birthday, but DOOMs is allegedly stronger in people with certain birth signs. Specifically, “higher levels of DOOMs abilities have been observed in those born under constellations such as Cancer, Pisces, Cestus, Delphinus and Gigas”. Cancer and Pisces are easy but what the hell are the rest? 

The short answer is that they are also constellations, like Pisces and Cancer, just not one’s used in modern astrology. The implication being that if have (pick) a birthday in one of these constellations you’ll have a stronger DOOMs ability. 

What that actually means isn’t clear. The general consensus is that it doesn’t really do anything meaningful so you won’t have a better or worse experience whatever date you pick. However, you will get a special birthday cutscene on whatever date you choose. There also some thinking that it might affect which players you form Bridge Links with online, although that seems more a theory than anything else. As far as I can tell from discussing experiences with other players there’s no obvious differences in gameplay. Which, realistically, you’d hope was the case – no one wants to find the game harder because they’ve got a bad birthday.

What those constellations break down into as far as dates go is this: 

  • Cancer – June 21 – July 22
  • Pisces – February 18 – March 20
  • Cestus – November
  • Delphinus – September
  • Gigas – January

Obviously Cancer and Pisces are as birth signs but the other three aren’t. They are constellations, however, and are best seen at the times we’ve listed.

It’s worth noting, however that Cestus is also known as ‘the whale’ and Delphinus is ‘the dolphin, while Gigas is an old name for Orion – a giant hunter who in greek mythology threatened to kill every every animal on earth. It’s basically just a bunch of things that loosely tie into the game, so there’s no point in taking any great stock in it. Just pick Cancer or Pisces as the ones with definite, unquestionably durations. The other three have more of a window with peak dates depending on what aspect of their journey through the sky you’re actually defining. 

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