Death Stranding weapons – all the guns in the game

The Death Stranding weapons count increases with two new guns arriving – the Maser and the mounted machine gun. If you’ve just started playing though you might be wondering if you’ll ever see any guns, let alone the new ones. You’ll have to wait a good 10-15 hours into the story before you start getting any proper firepower and until about 25-30 to really get a full locker of offensive gear in Death Stranding (opens in new tab). So it all about playing the long game, literally, with Death Stranding guns and weapons. 

Even when you do get some guns you’ll still find Death Stranding a fairly sparse combat experience. There are moments of high energy and big battles for sure, but it’s all well spaced out. Plus, for reasons, full on ‘kill everyone’ fighting is actively discouraged. It’s also worth noting that most of the these weapons and upgrades are are unlocked from specific characters, so you’ll have to do some deliveries to get them. 

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Blood bags

Quick note before we look at Death Stranding guns: because everything you’ll use against BTs uses Sam’s blood in its ammo you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of blood bags on you. You’ll fill one up every time you stay in a private room so don’t forget to take them with you. Without them, weapons will draw blood from Sam directly and that doesn’t last long. 

Maser gun

Death stranding weapons

(Image credit: Sony)

The new Death Stranding Director’s Cut Maser Gun is a new non-lethal option completely legally distinct from any other non-lethal electrical guns you might be thinking of. While most of the game’s weapons stun by using plastic bullets this is a more traditional way of incapacitating someone.

Mounted machine gun

Death stranding weapons

(Image credit: Sony)

The Death Stranding Director’s Cut mounted machine gun is a new heavy options that’s going to make certain boss battles a lot easier. That heavy rate of fire and shielding will shred enemies, BTs and big enemies a like. 

Hematic Grenade

death stranding hemetic grenades

(Image credit: Sony)

Unlocked at Capital Knot City 

These are technically the first weapon you can unlock although you can only use them against BTs. They use Sam’s blood to destroy smaller BTS with a direct hit, and wear down the larger ones with multiple attacks. 

Bola gun

death stranding bola

(Image credit: Sony)

Unlocked from the Craftsman

You’ll unlock this not long after you reach the Central Region. It’s a non-lethal gun that ties up the human Mules you encounter. It’s not a permanent solution though so remember to kick them before they struggle free. A later upgrade makes it work on BTs too. 

 Anti-BT handgun 

death stranding anti-bt gun

(Image credit: Sony)

Unlocked from the Chiral Artist

The anti-BT handgun is exactly what it sounds like – it kills BTs. It fires Sam’s blood so remember those blood bags, and don’t forget to charge it up fully for a one shot kill. It’s slow to fire but will take a BT down in one go so it’s a powerful tool used correctly. More deliveries to the Chiral Artist will unlock an upgraded version but it’s as good as you need it to be at level one. 

(Image credit: Sony)


Unlocked at South Knot City

You unlock your first actual real gun at a certain point in the game where you have to use it. However, because people turn into BTs when they die it’s not recommended you use outside of that specified point. Upgrading it with more deliveries will unlock an anti-BT upgrade which is a handy reserve for when the ammo in more useful weapons run out. 

 Assault Rifle

death stranding assault rifle

(Image credit: Sony)

Unlocked at South Knot City

You’ll get the assault rifle alongside the handgun, again at a specific point in the game. And, once again, it’s best not to use it after that. And, again, you unlock a BT effective version if you upgrade it by making deliveries to the Distribution Center North of Mountain Knot City, but for dealing with people there are better non-lethal options coming up. 


Unlocked at South Knot City

As well as the handgun and assault rifle you’ll also receive a grenade. Again, it’s not advisable to use this outside of the situation it’s provided for because of the whole ‘dead people make BTs’ thing, but it’s nice to have at least. 

Non-lethal assault rifle 

death stranding non lethal assault rifle

(Image credit: Sony)

Unlocked at Waystation North of Mountain Knot City

Now you can start shooting people. The non-lethal assault rifle fires rubber bullets so no dead people to worry about but, otherwise, it’s functionally the same as a real gun. It means you can finally start taking out Mules in a far more satisfying way. There’s an anti-BT option as well at level 2, which you can get by making deliveries to  the Distribution Center North of Mountain Knot City.

Shotgun / Riot Shotgun

death stranding shotgun

(Image credit: Sony)

For some reason you’ll unlock both of these from the Photographer you have to visit during the story. The first is lethal, so best avoided outside of certain situations, while the second is another rubber bullet job so fine to use anywhere. Continue delivering to the Photographer to unlock and upgrade both. 

Grenade and rocket launcher

(Image credit: Sony)

Again you’ll unlock these at a very specific point in the game where their use will be obvious. However, you can also unlock variations and upgrades by delivering to the Evo-devo Biologist because scientist apparently love high impact ordnance in Death Stranding. 

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