Destiny 2 fan gets his sums right and gets the game running on a calculator

A dedicated Destiny 2 fan has discovered a way to get the game running on a calculator with the help of Google Stadia.

What started out as a tweet (opens in new tab) which read “I have time to kill before work. Let’s see if I can run Destiny 2 on a calculator,” later turned into Twitter user and Destiny fan Delta806 (opens in new tab) somehow managing to get Destiny 2 running on a TI-Nspire CX calculator. 

This understandably garnered a lot of attention from other Destiny fans and resulted in more than one maths joke. One Twitter user replied to Delta806’s tweet that showed the game running on the calculator with “how do you shoot…your gun? (opens in new tab)” To which another replied, “by solving the Pythagorean theorem. (opens in new tab)

AHAHAHAHAHAH I DID IT VIDEO SOON #Destiny2 @DestinyGameUK 28, 2021

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We’re not sure that this is the best way to experience Destiny 2 but it does give the game a lot more handheld potential. It turns out that Delta806 managed this impressive yet unorthodox method with the use of gaming streaming platform Google Stadia. Since the service is able to run on anything that has an Android OS, the possibilities of what you can play Destiny 2 on are pretty expansive. 

In fact, there’s even a dedicated subreddit called Can it run Stadia? (opens in new tab) that is exclusively made up of people using Stadia to run games in the most unusual places. For example, another Destiny fan who wanted to take the game on the go (sort of) managed to get it running on a treadmill. (opens in new tab) Another player got Assassin’s Creed Valhalla playing in their Tesla (opens in new tab)

As for what Delta806 is working on next, they’ve recently shared a photo (opens in new tab) of a Nintendo DSI with the caption “I’ve had another idea,” so we can’t wait to see what else the Destiny 2-themed mad scientist will try next. 

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