Elden Ring player downs Margit in three hits after becoming extremely over-levelled

An Elden Ring player became so over-levelled that they killed Margit the Fell Omen in three hits.

You can check out the fascinating clip just below, where the player fells the Fell Omen themselves in one magic-based attack, and two sword strikes. This really is what happens when you spend all your time exploring the open world of FromSoftware and levelling up, before returning to the critical path at your own leisure. 

It’s also a great reminder of just how far-leaning into RPG-trends Elden Ring is. It’s easy to forget that the likes of Dark Souls and Bloodborne are actually role-playing games, and you can grind your way up to supreme power in both of them, but for Elden Ring it’s definitely a more overt RPG, as this clip has made evident. 

Well, Margit the Fell Omen sure got what was coming to them, and the player made it a boss fight for the boss themselves. It’ll be interesting to see if the player remains incredibly over-levelled for Godrick the Grafted, the next main story-centric boss in line after Margit, or if the levels finally catch up to them.

Some in the comments section underneath the subreddit post are even debating whether this player is actually cheating. However, there’s absolutely zero evidence that the player in question is cheating, so we’re perfectly happy to cheer on their achievements. 

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