Halo Infinite exclusive armor available to devs only

Halo Infinite devs have exclusive armor items with blue flame effects in the game’s multiplayer mode.

Just earlier today, a 343 community support and engagement co-ordinator on Halo Infinite posted the screenshot below, depicting his in-game Spartan adorned with a helmet sporting blue flames. When a commenter asked how they attained this special helmet, the developer replied that it’s actually a special item only available for those who worked at 343 on Halo Infinite.

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It’s a really nice touch for Halo Infinite developers, to make them stand out from the crowd (or put a target on their backs!). It springs to mind how Respawn gives Apex Legends developers special in-game badges saying “Dev,” to denote the fact that players are actually working alongside someone who helped the develop the very game they’re playing.

What will be interesting to see is whether any Halo Infinite players are able to obtain this exclusive armor through slaying members of the dev team in multiplayer matches. For those who aren’t aware, this feature actually has some precedence in multiplayer games, to the point where Halo Infinite developer 343 actually introduced an achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection which was only obtainable by killing a member of the 343 dev team in a multiplayer match.

Right now though, Halo Infinite’s campaign has just launched as of yesterday on December 8, bringing the Master Chief back for an adventure that’s been six years in the making. You can head over to our full Halo Infinite review to see what we made of 343’s latest endeavour.

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