Halo Infinite details Fracture: Tenrai changes and rewards for the events return

Halo Infinite’s revived the Fracture: Tenrai event for another round lasting until January 11, 2022, and this time it’s got more loot as well as more ways to earn it.

Developer 343 Industries explained the changes made to Fracture: Tenrai in a blog post (opens in new tab) after committing to easier challenges and more free cosmetics in previous updates. 

The challenges were a big sticking point with the first Tenrai event, and they’re the headliner here. Going forward, you’ll always have at least one event challenge available, meaning you won’t have to grind or swap challenges just to find a relevant one. You’ll also be able to complete more event challenges to gain up to 10 event tiers per week (previously capped at seven). 

Halo Infinite

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Higher tiers will grant more cosmetics compared to the previous event. “The great thing about these events are the cosmetics,” 343 acknowledged in its post, “that’s what everybody’s excited about and wants to pursue, so we’ve replaced all XP and Challenge Boosts above Tier 10 onwards with cosmetic items. That’s a total of 11 new cosmetic items that will be available completely free.”

Note that while “content that was originally slated to be featured as premium offerings in the store for the remaining weeks of this event has now been added to the core free event pass,” premium items from the first Tenrai will stay premium and won’t be given out for free. New items have been added in to fill out the reward track in their place, presumably because giving out once-premium items wouldn’t sit well with the people who already bought them. 

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