How to use a Minecraft Respawn Anchor to set a Nether spawn

The Minecraft Respawn Anchor allows you to set a spawn point in the Nether dimension, but it must be crafted using Crying Obsidian. Respawn Anchors will be valuable for any Minecraft players that like spending lots of time exploring the Nether for rare resources, but crafting one is very difficulty. The rare variant of Obsidian that’s needed can only be found at randomly generated Ruined Portal, so you’ll need to happen across one of those at some point. Fortunately, we’ve put together this guide that explains how to craft a Minecraft Respawn Anchor, including how you can find the necessary materials and how to charge it up.

Minecraft Respawn Anchor explained

Minecraft Respawn Anchor

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Minecraft Netherite

Minecraft Netherite

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Look out for Ancient Debris to craft Minecraft Netherite while in the Nether

If you’re a Minecraft veteran, you’ll know that beds do not work in the Nether. In fact, they blow up if you try to use one. However a Respawn Anchor allows you to set a spawn point within the Nether and, best of all, it doesn’t explode. Using a Respawn Anchor makes the Nether a little more habitable, particularly for anyone embarking on lengthy Nether trips.

When you’ve got one (details on how to craft a Respawn Anchor in Minecraft below), you need to charge it with Glowstone. One Glowstone block is equivalent to one respawn and you can add up to four blocks, meaning you can respawn four times before needing to replenish the Respawn Anchor. You do need to ensure the surrounding area is not obstructed however, otherwise you’ll see “You have no home bed or charged respawn anchor, or it was obstructed” when you die.

Interestingly, Hoglins will flee from Respawn Anchors, meaning you don’t run the risk of one being next to you when you respawn. Using a Respawn Anchor in the overworld will cause it to explode though, so don’t even test it out. 

Minecraft diamonds

How to find Diamonds in Minecraft

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Make sure you know how to find Minecraft diamonds

To get Crying Obsidian, you need to find a Ruined Portal, and they can be found in either the Overworld or the Nether. They can be found in every biome in both dimensions and there’s also a 5% chance it’s a Giant Ruined Portal. Once you’ve found some blocks, just mine it with a Diamond Pickaxe like normal Obsidian. Blocks of Crying Obsidian can also be found in Bastion Remnant chests, and can be obtained through bartering with Piglins when you give them a Gold Ingot, although the chances are quite low.

To get Glowstone, you need to mine it in the Nether and is frequently found hanging from ceilings in large clusters. When you mine it with a regular pickaxe, it’ll turn into Glowstone Dust, but four bits of Glowstone Dust can be reformed into a Glowstone Block. If you’ve been doing some Minecraft enchanting and have a Silk Touch pickaxe, you can mine the Glowstone without breaking it down into dust.

The Respawn Anchor is currently the only use for Crying Obsidian, other than as a decorative block. As long as you don’t explode it in the Overworld, one Respawn Anchor will suffice for a while if you keep restocking it with Glowstone.

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