How to find, tame and breed Minecraft axolotls

The Minecraft axolotl is one of the best beasties you’ll find around the biomes, small pink amphibians that primarily snuffle about the games caves and caverns, close to water if they can. That’s no coincidence; axolotls in Minecraft have to stay close to water, or risk drying out and becoming axed a little. But if you can learn how they work, you can find, breed and tame axolotls in Minecraft to make your very own little entourage of affable amphibians. Find out how they’re found and mastered in our simple guide below.

How to find axolotls in Minecraft

Where to find the Minecraft 1.17 axolotl mob

(Image credit: Mojang)

Unfortunately, finding a Minecraft axolotl is easier said than done. The axolotl is an aquatic cave animal, which means that they only spawn in water, and in total darkness (light level 0). Naturally, there must also be blocks roofing over their habitat. 

On the plus side, a Minecraft axolotl cave lake doesn’t have to be deep (there must be a solid block no more than five blocks below the axolotl spawn point). You don’t necessarily have to dig deep either, as the axolotl can spawn below y: 63. That means around sea level or lower.

Note that only one to four axolotls will spawn in one group. They come in five different colors, but the blue ones are extremely rare. About 1 in 1200 axolotls are blue, so don’t get your hopes up if that’s your favorite color.

How to capture and tame axolotls in Minecraft

capture and tame axolotls in Minecraft 1.17

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With such an adorable look, it’s only natural that Minecraft players want to tame their own axolotl pet. Unfortunately, you can’t tame an axolotl like a cat or a wolf. However, they are passive animals and can easily be captured and transported. So yes, you can breed axolotl and make your own axolotl zoo in Minecraft!

The easiest way to transport an axolotl is by using a Bucket on them. You can then take the axolotl bucket with you wherever you go. Alternatively, you can lure them with a bucket of tropical fish, or use a lead. Be careful where you drop your axolotl though; they will die after spending more than five minutes out of water. 

How to breed axolotls in Minecraft

Minecraft 1.17 Axolotl

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Minecraft axolotls will enter ‘love mode’ if you give them a Bucket of Tropical Fish (you need the bucket here; just the fish won’t work). Of course, you need two axolotls to make a new one. A baby axolotl takes 20 minutes to become fully grown. 

If you want to spawn an axolotl in creative mode, you can use the summon command, a spawn egg, or an axolotl bucket. 

Axolotl armies in Minecraft

Minecraft 1.17 Axolotl

(Image credit: Mojang)

So, what are these creatures good for, besides being cute? The axolotl can actually be quite useful if you want to go fishing or take on an underwater fight. First, you need to capture at least two axolotl and start breeding them. Once you have a pretty big Minecraft axolotl army, you can put them all in buckets and take the buckets with you (or just lead them with a Bucket of Tropical Fish). If you encounter an underwater enemy, just release the axolotl from their buckets. As long as it’s not a dolphin or a turtle, they will kill anything for you.

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