How to find Minecraft Netherite to craft Netherite items

Knowing how to get Minecraft Netherite and what you can do with it is crucial as Netherite allows you to create some of the best tools in the game. However, it’s an arduous process to even acquire any Netherite and then use it to upgrade your tools. As the name suggests, you’ll need to delve into the Nether and navigate the inhospitable environment to find Ancient Debris, which then needs to be processed in a few ways before you finally get usable ingots of Netherite. It’s a lot of work but can definitely be worth it if you plan on tackling the toughest of foes in Minecraft, as it’s a material that’s even stronger and more durable than Diamonds. If you’re planning on crafting the toughest tools in Minecraft, here’s everything you need to know about how to find, craft, and use Minecraft Netherite.

How to find Ancient Debris in Minecraft

Minecraft Netherite

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Once you’ve got yourself a Diamond Pickaxe at the very least – although we’d advise getting a full set of Diamond armor, a Diamond Sword, and an enchantment or two for each of those items – you can create a Nether portal to reach the hellish dimension and begin your quest for Netherite. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Use a Diamond Pickaxe to mine at least 10 blocks of Obsidian and create a Nether portal
    Your portal should be four blocks wide and five blocks tall, but you can miss out the corners for the bare minimum.
  2. Go into the Nether and search for Ancient Debris
    Ancient Debris is a type of block that can only be mined using a Diamond Pickaxe (or a Netherite Pickaxe but we assume you don’t have one of those yet). It spawns in small clusters, similar to Lapis Lazuli ore, and each block you mine goes straight to your inventory, ready for smelting.
  3. Smelt Ancient Debris to get Netherite Scaps
    Take your Ancient Debris blocks and plop them into a furnace or blast furnace with some fuel to smelt them into Netherite Scraps. The conversion ratio is 1:1, so smelting one Ancient Debris block gives you one Netherite Scrap.

Minecraft enchanting

Minecraft enchanting

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Learning about Minecraft enchanting will help you get the best tools for the job

When you go through your Nether portal, make sure you have your coordinates visible (press F3 on PC for Java Edition and toggle the ‘Show Coordinates’ option in your settings for Bedrock Edition) so you can find an appropriate Y-level to begin mining. Make sure you also note your Nether portal’s coordinates so you can get home!

Ancient Debris can spawn in veins of 1-3 blocks at Y-level 8 to 22, and it can spawn in veins of 1 or 2 blocks at Y-axis 8-119. Since those Y-level ranges overlap, your time will be best spent mining between Y8 to Y22 if you want to get as much Ancient Debris as you can. Ancient Debris also never spawns exposed to air, so you will have to mine the Nether in order to find it.

The conversion ratio for crafting Netherite Ingots is pretty awful and means that for every four Ancient Debris blocks you mine, you’ll get just one Netherite Ingot in the end. Exploring Bastion Remnants can be a good way of finding more of the necessary materials, or even the ingots themselves if you’re really lucky, allowing you to  upgrade a decent number of your tools and equipment to Netherite quality.

How to use Netherite to upgrade tools

Minecraft Netherite tools

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For a complete breakdown on this topic, make sure you look at our Minecraft Netherite tools guide. However, in short, you can use a single Netherite Ingot, along with a Diamond tool or piece of armor, to upgrade it to a Netherite tool or armor piece. You’ll want to do this as Netherite tools have the highest durability in the game and can mine blocks slightly faster.

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