How to get Minecraft glow berries

Minecraft glow berries are a unique but rare food item that can be found on cave vines in Lush Cave biomes. Added to the game as part of Minecraft 1.17, these berries are useful for gardeners and fox breeders alike and can do a lot to improve the way you play Minecraft itself. While they’re not exactly common, you can at least pluck them from a Lush Cave and then set up your own farm to ensure you’ve got an endless supply of the glowing fruit. We’ll show you how to find glow berries below, as well as what their uses are and how you can farm them.

Where to find Minecraft glow berries

Minecraft glow berries

(Image credit: Mojang)

Minecraft Netherite

Minecraft Netherite

(Image credit: Mojang)

If you want the best tools, you’ll need Minecraft Netherite

The natural spawn place of a Minecraft glow berry is inside Lush Cave biomes. The berries grow on cave vines which hang from the ceilings of Lush Caves and can be harvested from the vines. However, you can also loot glow berries from Mineshafts and Ancient Cities.

Mineshafts generate in any Overworld biome, but it’ll usually take some time to find one. Once you do, however, a mineshaft chest has a 38.7% chance to contain at least three glow berries. Ancient City structures generate in Deep Dark biomes at Y-level -52 and any chests within have a 23.2% chance of containing up to 15 glow berries!

Let’s start searching for Lush Caves or mineshafts and make that glow berry garden a reality!

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