Finding Purecrystal in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Purecrystal has become one of the most widely-sought crafting materials since MH Rise debuted, as it’s an integral component to crafting many armor pieces from multiple different sets. Unfortunately, finding Purecrystal in the Sunbreak DLC isn’t so easy, as it’s a resource limited solely to a single area – and not the one stated in the Purecrystal’s description, outrageously. We’ll lay out how to get Purecrystal in Monster Hunter Rise below, as well as efficient farming methods and all the crafting uses for this material below.

It’s also worth mentioning that players won’t have access to the Flooded Forest at Master Rank until some way into the Sunbreak DLC’s plot, with the MR 2 Urgent Quest “Provoking An Anjanath’s Wrath”. It’s focused around saving an NPC (which unsurprisingly requires you to stab an animal to death, because it’s a Monster Hunter game), but there’s nothing stopping you from grabbing Purecrystal while you’re there. Of course, once you complete this quest, the Flooded Forest will be available afterwards for exploration at the Master Rank.

Farming Purecrystal

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak purecrystal mh

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Because of how many different armor pieces Purecrystal is used to make, farming it isn’t a bad idea, and similarly to the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Awegite, it’s a pretty expensive material – even more so, in fact, so you can sell it at a comfortable profit if your Zenny run low (or use our Monster Hunter Rise Zenny farm method). Otherwise, take the following steps for the fastest possible Purecrystal farming:

  1. Equip a level 3 Geologist Decoration to increase the amount of times you can mine
  2. Place a Gathering-type Palico in your team
  3. Go into a Master Rank Expedition in the Flooded Forest
  4. Head to the spots marked on the map above, following the route marked by the line (there are others in the map, but they’re hard to reach and far less efficient than repeating this route).
  5. Mine the Mining Outcrops at these locations until they can’t give any more.
  6. Take all the Purecrystal you can find.
  7. When done, repeat the process once it’s been five minutes and the outcrops have respawned. 

Purecrystal uses for crafting armor

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak purecrystal mh

(Image credit: Capcom)

As far as we know Purecrystal can only be used for crafting and forging armor pieces from certain sets, but it’s used in a lot of them, and all high-level Master armor introduced with Sunbreak, so endgame players will want at least a few crystals to fall back on if needed. We’ve laid out everything you can make with Purecrystal below, with the numbers that follow representing how many crystals you’ll need to craft that piece (not including other components).

  • Almudrom Vambraces X (gauntlets) – 1
  • Astalos Helm (helmet) – 1
  • Ceanataur Coil (leggings) – 2
  • Damascus Mail X (torso) – 1
  • Gore Mail (chest) – 2
  • Hawkcoil (leggings) – 1
  • Hawksuit (chest) – 1
  • Ingot Coil X (leggings) – 1
  • Ingot Greaves X (boots) – 1
  • Ingot Helm X (helmet) – 1
  • Ingot Mail X (torso) – 1
  • Ingot Vambraces (gauntlets) – 1
  • Jelly Hat X (helmet) – 2
  • Kushala Grip X (gauntlets) – 1
  • Utsushi True Braces (H) / Channeler’s Hope (Spring) (gauntlets) – 1
  • Utsushi True Braces (V) / Medium’s Prayer (Light) (gauntlets) – 1
  • Utsushi True Greaves (H) / Channeler’s Hakama (Spring) (boots) – 1
  • Utsushi True Greaves (V) / Medium’s Hakama (Light) (boots) – 1
  • Vaik Helm X (helmet) – 2

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