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All Resident Evil 7 backpacks to expand inventory

The Resident Evil 7 backpacks are an incredibly useful thing to know the locations of if you want to expand your inventory space. Resident Evil 7 provides three different backpacks for the player to find, each one of which increases your inventory by four slots – a very meaningful upgrade …

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All Resident Evil 7 videotape locations

With only four Resident Evil 7 videotapes located across the whole map, these are by far one of the least common collectibles players will be hunting in Resident Evil 7. They’re also one of the most integral – these tapes aren’t just for filling in lore, but also provide puzzle …

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All Resident Evil 7 Files and their locations

Resident Evil 7 files have more locations across the game than any other kind of collectible, with 32 different notes, quotes and scraps of lore spread across the Baker estate. Getting all of them earns the player a unique Achievement/Trophy, as well as filling in gaps about the Resident Evil …

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