All Resident Evil 7 videotape locations

With only four Resident Evil 7 videotapes located across the whole map, these are by far one of the least common collectibles players will be hunting in Resident Evil 7. They’re also one of the most integral – these tapes aren’t just for filling in lore, but also provide puzzle answers and solutions that help with upcoming challenges in RE7, and can mean the difference between life and death for poor Ethan Winters. So while only one of them is technically mandatory, you’ll want to find all of them, especially if it’s your first time through. That’s why below we’ll explain where to find all the videotapes in Resident Evil 7, and what each one does when played.

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1. Derelict House Footage

Upstairs in the Guest House, grab this tape from the dresser next to the tape recorder. When played on the TV downstairs, it’ll take you through playable footage from an old TV show that eventually reveals a hidden lever in the fireplace, opening a secret door! Hopefully things go better for you behind it than it did for them.

2. “Mia” videotape

Upstairs in the main house, in the central “game room”, a videotape sits on top of the bar, along with a television to watch it on. This one is footage of Mia attempting to escape one of the Bakers, and eventually takes you to a shadow-based puzzle that Ethan can make use of in the present, so pay attention!

3. Happy Birthday videotape

Next we need to get up into the attic, so examine the trophy with a lampshade on top, then rotate it to reveal a button to press. Climb the ladder which drops down, and open the cupboard ahead of you in the attic to find this videotape. This one takes you through a hideous trap Lucas set up for a previous victim, and becomes a grotesque puzzle to be solved. Here’s the solution to the videotape puzzle, which you can watch nearby in the Recreation Room or the Caravan, is as follows:

  • Pick up the Candle, go through to the cake room
  • Open the lock on the wall cabinet to get the Straw Doll by entering Hanging Body, Bird on Grave, Baby (see image above)
  • Pick up the Winding Key from the keg
  • Turn on the cooker in the kitchen then burn the Straw Doll to get the Dummy Finger
  • Light the Candle on the cooker then use it to burn the rope holding the door closed near the screens on the wall
  • Go to the end of the next room full of balloons and pick up the Balloon on the floor by the table
  • Use the Balloon on the gas pipe near the kitchen to get the Quill Pen
  • Use the Dummy Finger followed by the Quill Pen on the dummy’s hand, then the Winding Key on it’s chest
  • Use the password LOSER you receive to open the lock in the balloon room
  • Get the Valve Handle from the next room and use it in the cake room to turn off the sprinkler
  • Light the Candle on the cooker then use it on the cake the complete the puzzle

4. Old Videotape

Resident Evil 7 videotape locations

(Image credit: Capcom)

When you reach 3F of the Wrecked Ship, head through the rooms and you’ll be instructed to watch a videotape. There’s no optionality to this one – you need to put it in the VCR to continue the story, which’ll help explain some major elements of the plot.

You should unlock the Be Kind, Please Rewind trophy/achievement when you watch the videotape.

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