TITLE All Resident Evil 7 treasure photos and solutions

The Resident Evil 7 treasure photos are special mini-puzzles dotted around the game, cryptic photographs that indicate where to get rare rewards, in the manner of a pirate and a treasure map. Resident Evil 7 has three separate examples of such treasure photos, and all are worth doing – especially if you know where you’re looking and can make a beeline straight there. Below we’ve laid out the locations and solutions to all the treasure photos and their loot in Resident Evil 7 for you to check out.

And, if you’re looking for more help to deal with the Bakers? We also have a complete Resident Evil 7 boss fight guide.

Treasure Photo 1: Processing Area

In the mortuary room in the downstairs Processing Area, look on the metal rack next to the sinks to find a Treasure Photo. Now, return to the Drawing Room you originally entered this area through and interact with the highlighted piece of the fireplace to find some steroids, which give you a permanent maximum health increase.

Treasure Photo 2: Old House

After going back down the hole in the Old House and following Marguerite through the tunnel, you’ll find a Treasure Photo at the bottom of the stairs closest to you when you emerge on the other side. Now return to the caravan and search the toilet to receive some Magnum bullets.

Treasure Photo 3: Main House (Upstairs)

In the upstairs Storage Room, you’ll find a Treasure Photo on a stool in the corner. Remember the image, as when you move on to the Testing Area and have to dodge the tripwire bombs, you’ll find this hidden spot in the corner of one of the initial rooms to get one of the Resident Evil 7 repair kits.

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