All Resident Evil 7 Coins and where to find them

The Resident Evil 7 coin locations are pretty numerous, with eighteen antique coins spread across the whole map for Ethan Winters to find in Resident Evil 7. You won’t be able to get all of them instantly, but they are worth hunting down, as they allow you to unlock better gear for your survival, and getting all of them will reward you with the “Pelicans in your Pocket” Achievement/Trophy. That being said, it won’t be easy to do, and some of them risk becoming inaccessible without reloading if you miss your chance the first time round. Fortunately, we’ve laid out all the Antique Coin Locations for you to find in Resident Evil 7.

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All Antique Coin locations in Resident Evil 7

There’s a total of eighteen Antique Coins spread across the whole of Resident Evil 7, special collectibles that are hidden in secret locations. Here’s how they’re divided across the game’s different areas:

  • Guest House: 1
  • Main House: 5
  • Processing Area: 3
  • Old House: 3
  • Testing Area: 2
  • Wrecked Ship: 4

Antique Coins you obtain can be spent for certain fun rewards in the caravan, unlocked after opening the Dog Head door in the Main House (though you’ll need to pass through the Processing Area first). You can come back to the Caravan a few times over the course of Resident Evil 7, so make sure to stockpile those coins for little spending sprees when you arrive!

Guest House

Antique Coin 1/18

As soon as you start watching the Derelict House Footage, take a few steps back and look down to grab a lockpick. Once inside the kitchen, use it to open the locked drawer in the side unit. When you’ve finished the video, return to the kitchen and interact with the now unlocked drawer to find a coin inside.

Main House

Antique Coin 2/18

After grabbing the key and opening the hatch, you’ll find a lawnmower in the crawl space with the coin on top of it.

Antique Coin 3/18

Next, turn right and head to the corner of the Main Hall, then open the drawer in the unit with an angel on top to find a coin.

Antique Coin 4/18

Just to the right of Jack’s Memo on the side table, you’ll find a coin sat on top of a wooden unit.

Antique Coin 5/18

After watching the Mia videotape, head down the corridor to the Bathroom, then look in the toilet (ick) for another coin.

Antique Coin 6/18

After going through the Crow Door (which disappointingly does not require a Crow Bar) go through the door into the next room and examine the ashtray on the table to find another coin.

Processing Area

Antique Coin 7/18

After grabbing the Processing Area map, turn around and crouch to your right to find a coin tucked into an alcove in the wall.

Antique Coin 8/18

After using the three Dog’s Heads to open the front door, go down the steps straight ahead then turn around to your right and go down the side of them to find this coin in a pot.

Antique Coin 9/18

Inside the caravan, a coin is on the table next to the cage – you can spend the coins you’ve collected so far for items in the cages here without affecting your collectible count.

Old House

Antique Coin 10/18

After heading down the stairs in the Old House, look on the trolley to the left for another coin.

Antique Coin 11/18

Once you’ve located the Crank, head outside past the Water Station and use it to raise the bridge, then enter the shack and check on top of the toilet.

Antique Coin 12/18

After fighting Marguerite and passing through the Crow Door, continue along the corridor to reach the room with the lantern in it, then turn right and open the drawer to find a coin.

Testing Area

Antique Coin 13/18

After clearing the tripwire bomb rooms, you’ll head down a long L-shaped corridor with a room at the end – a coin is in the drawer in the green bench.

Antique Coin 14/18

After killing the fat man and finding the memo on the burnt corpse, head through the doorway opposite and look on the shelf ahead to find a coin.

Wrecked Ship

Antique Coin 15/18

Once you see the flashback of two guys in hazmat suits and drop down into a tunnel, follow it left then right, and right again when it opens up to find a coin in a dead end.

Antique Coin 16/18

After you see Eveline for the first time then climb a ladder, drop into the next room then check the corner on your left to find this coin underwater.

Antique Coin 17/18

After you get a Lockpick, return to 3F via the lift, then enter the Control Room and open the orange crate with that Lockpick to collect the coin inside.

Antique Coin 18/18

Once you’ve fixed the lift and travelled to the bottom level, continue forward until you meet a Fat Man, then down the steps beyond you’ll see a secure box on the wall. Open it with a Corrosive to reveal the final Antique Coin.

At this point you should unlock the Pelicans in Your Pocket trophy/achievement.

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