All Resident Evil 7 Files and their locations

Resident Evil 7 files have more locations across the game than any other kind of collectible, with 32 different notes, quotes and scraps of lore spread across the Baker estate. Getting all of them earns the player a unique Achievement/Trophy, as well as filling in gaps about the Resident Evil 7 backstory for different characters and the horrific situations you’ll find yourself in. Context takes the edge off losing a limb, right…?

Nonetheless, we’ll show you how to get all the files in Resident Evil 7 below, with their locations clearly explained and ordered chronologically, (aka when you’ll likely come across them).

And, if you’re looking for more help to deal with the Bakers? We also have a complete Resident Evil 7 boss fight guide.

Where to find all Files in Resident Evil 7

As mentioned, there’s a total of 32 files across the whole of Resident Evil 7, arranged in the following areas accordingly.

  • Guest House: 3
  • Main House (including upstairs): 10
  • Processing Area: 4
  • Old House: 4
  • Testing Area: 1
  • Wrecked Ship: 5
  • Swamp/Salt Mine: 5

It’s worth clarifying that some files can actually be two files, as objects in your inventory that can be turned over to read both sides accordingly. We’ll highlight below when that’s the case, but make sure to check that you’ve actually read both sides when it does happen to register “both” files.

Guest House

File 1/32: Email from Mia

At the start of the game, go into your inventory and examine the Email from Mia then interact with it to register it as a file.

File 2/32: List of Names (Front)
File 3/32: List of Names (Back)

After pulling the secret switch in the fireplace and entering the basement area, continue through the flooded corridor until you find Mia in a cell. On the table opposite is a list of names – make sure you interact with both sides to collect two files.

Main House

File 4/32: Home-improvement Store Receipt

After waking up at the Baker Family dinner table and escaping from your chair, examine the receipt pinned to the wall next to the kitchen counter.

File 5/32: Newspaper Article – Missing People

Now walk through from the dining area to the adjoining room with the grandfather clock, then examine the newspaper on the corner of the coffee table.

File 6/32: Newspaper Article – Over 20 Missing

Examine the newspaper on a desk at the opposite side of the Main Hall, opposite the desk with the Angel statue.

File 7/32: Jack’s Journal

Head up the stairs from the hall and through the door next to Grandma. Turn left and follow the corridor around to the door leading into the Recreation Room. Once inside, go left behind the bar and search the drawer in the dresser.

File 8/32: Jack’s Memo

Cross the room and look on the table under the mounted bull’s head for the next file.

File 9/32: Travis’ Memo (Front)
File 10/32: Travis’ Memo (Back)

After going through the room with black tendrils, follow the corridor around to the save room near the stairs, then open the drawer under the record player and examine both sides of the memo for two more files.

Processing Area

File 11/32: Incinerator Room Memo

Once you’ve gone down the stairs and through the corridors full of black stuff, go through the wooden door on your right into the Incinerator Room and check the memo above the sink.

File 12/32: Memo About Relief

After using the Scorpion Key to return to the Main Hall, head back upstairs to the Recreation Room (watch out for Jack!) and unlock the door to Grandma’s Room. On top of the dresser you’ll find this note.

File 13/32: Doctor’s Letter

To your left in the same room is a side table, and if you open the drawer you’ll locate another note.

File 14/32: Zoe’s Investigation Notes

In the Caravan, next to the table, opposite the television, examine the notes pinned to the wall.

Old House

File 15/32: Marguerite’s Warning

After using the Stone Statuette to open the passageway and squeezing through, go up the stairs on the right hand side and read the note by the Crow Door.

File 16/32: Serum Documentation

After fighting with Marguerite in the Old House and climbing out of the hole, unlock the Crow Door ahead then interact with the case on the table in the first room and read the note on the lid.

File 17/32: Marguerite’s Notebook

Now follow the corridor to the next room, where this file is on a table next to the piano.

File 18/32: Memo on Deputy’s Head

Once you’ve completed the Old House section and obtained the D-Series Arm, return to the caravan where you’ll be prompted to check the fridge and find this grisly note.

Main House (Part 2)

File 19/32: Lucas’ Journal

Head upstairs in the Main House and unlock the Kid’s Room with the Snake Key. On your left as you enter is a side table with this file next to a stack of games.

File 20/32: Torn Page from Journal

Now turn around and look on top of the dresser with the cracked mirror for another file.

File 21/32: Clock Memo

Upstairs in the Main Hall, use the Snake Key on the door opposite to enter the Master Bedroom, then read the note stuck on the globe. If you don’t want to backtrack, the time you need to enter is 10:15.

Testing Area

File 22/32: Memo on Burnt Corpse

After defeating the Fat Man in the barn and riding the lift up, check the note stuck on the chest of the burnt corpse in the room you enter.

Wrecked Ship

File 23/32: Jim’s Letter

When you see Eveline again on the stairs, turn right at the top and follow the corridor around to enter a bunk room through the second door on your left. Look on the bottom bunk at the back of the room for this file.

File 24/32: Giovanni’s Will

Now go through the door into the next room to find another file on the table next to a crate.

Note: Make sure you go to the other end of the 1F corridor to enter the Maintenance Room (bottom left of Wrecked Ship 1F map) to find a handgun in the desk drawer. It won’t help with finding the files, but it is a nice thing to have when mold zombies are trying to chew on you.

File 25/32: Orders

Once you start watching the Old Videotape, turn left and grab this file from the desk.

File 26/32: Tattered Secret Document

After finishing the videotape, head out of the safe room into the lift area and examine the case on the floor in the corner.

File 27/32: Mechanic’s Memo

Pick up the Lug Wrench from the Captain’s desk, then drop down onto the top of the lift and open the hatch with the wrench. Once inside, read the note stuck inside the lift.

Swamp / Salt Mine

File 28/32: Email Log

After going up the stairs with a bomb at the bottom, enter the room across the bridge, then interact with the laptop for a file.

File 29/32: Infection Report

Enter the next room and look straight ahead for a file on a shelf. Interact with it again to read and add to your files.

File 30/32: E-Necrotoxin Document

Now open the case surrounded by wires/tubes and examine the note inside the lid.

File 31/32: R&D Report [1 of 2]

Behind the case to the right, another file is on the desk. Interact twice to read it.

File 32/32: R&D Report [2 of 2]

Finally for this room, go up the short steps and check the desk on your right for the last file, and interact with it twice to read.

At this point you should unlock The Devil is in the Details trophy/achievement.

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