Valheim Frost Cave guide and whats new in the Mountain Biome update

The Valheim Frost Caves are finally here as part of the Valheim Mistlands update! Naturally, with a brand-new mini-dungeon comes a brand-new armor set and weapon. All you need to do is find a Mountain Cave location, take out the Cultists and other werewolves, and grab some hair.

Here’s everything you need to know about Frost Cave locations, loot, creatures, and how to craft yourself a mean pair of Flesh Rippers.

What’s new in the Valheim Mountain Cave update 

Valheim Frost Cave guide

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As the name suggests, the Valheim Mountain Cave update adds Frost Caves to the Mountain Biome. The Cave mini-dungeons work similarly to Sunken Crypts in the Swamp (it’s not possible to build inside, unfortunately). Besides lots of icy tunnels, you’ll find some decorated rooms, altars, and winding stairs. Be careful around those stairs; they’re very narrow and falling down may result in an untimely death.

As they’re randomly generated, there’s no telling how large the Frost Cave is going to be. Some are filled with loot and enemies, others are pretty empty. Always bring a good weapon and a torch with you. 

How to find a Frost Cave in Valheim

Valheim Frost Cave guide

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Sounds exciting, but how do you find a Frost Cave? Of course, as Frost Caves are part of the Mountain Biome, the first step is to go on a mountaineering expedition. After you reach the Mountains, it’s mostly a matter of patience and luck. 

Keep an eye out for large rock formations as shown in the picture. The colors don’t stand out in the icy landscape, but the Cave entrance is quite large. Frost Caves are sometimes home to Stone Golems, so be extra alert if you see one of those rock-like creatures. 

Do Frost Caves spawn in old Valheim worlds?

Valheim Frost Cave guide

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The short answer is yes, you’ll be able to find Frost Caves in your pre-existing Valheim worlds. However, the Caves can only spawn in unexplored areas, the brown-greyish parts of your map. If you’ve already discovered all the Mountain Biomes on your old map, you need to make a new world to find Frost Caves.

Valheim Frost Cave creatures

Valheim Frost Cave guide

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As soon as you look down a tunnel in your first Frost Cave, you’ll likely meet its annoying residents: the Bats. They’ll fly up to attack you, but don’t worry about it; Bats are very weak and don’t deal much damage. The main issue is hitting them at the right time, before they fly away. 

The other Frost Cave residents, Cultists and Ulv, are way more dangerous. The latter is a wolf-like creature that’s usually found roaming the tunnels or resting. A lone Ulv is not a difficult opponent to face, but things might get tough if there’s more than one. Try to hit them with arrows (preferably poison) from a distance. 

Unlike the Ulv, the Cultists walk upright. Also unlike the Ulv, they’ll try to breathe fire in your face. Yes, they’re basically fire-breathing, red-caped, and possibly grandma-eating werewolves. As a combat strategy, you can try to dodge the fire, get behind the Cultist, and land some quick blows. Poison arrows are a good option too.

Frost Cave resources in Valheim

Here’s a handy list of every new resource found in the Frost Caves:

  • Crystals: the glowing blue stones found everywhere around the Frost Caves.
  • Leather Scraps: dropped by Bats.
  • Wolf Fang: dropped by the Ulv.
  • Red Jute: dropped from Cultists and destroyed curtains.
  • Ulv and Cultist trophies.
  • Fenris Claw: found on altars.
  • Fenris Hair: found on altars or hanging on the wall. It’s a lot of hair, you won’t miss it.

New Fenris armor and Flesh Rippers crafting recipes

Valheim Frost Cave guide

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New resources means new Valheim recipes. You can use your Fenris Hair, Red Jute, and other Frost Cave loot to craft the following items:

  • Fenris Armor: 60 Fenris Hair, 12 Wolf Pelts, 20 Leather Scraps, one Cultist Trophy (full set, no upgrades). The Fenris Armor set effect makes you resistant against fire damage.
  • Flesh Rippers: 10 Fenris Hair, 6 Fenris Claws, 10 Silver.
  • Standing Brazier: 3 Fenris Claw, 5 Bronze, 2 Coal.
  • Red Jute Carpet: 4 Red Jute.
  • Red Jute Curtain: 4 Red Jute, one Fine Wood.

And that’s everything new in the Valheim Frost Cave update! Just remember; if you see someone wearing a red riding hood, it’s not friendly.

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