Where to find Far Cry 6 gunpowder and upgrade weapons

Knowing where and how to find more Far Cry 6 gunpowder will help you upgrade faster. It’s by far the most important resource when improving guns and weapons. Yes, there are plenty of other parts and scraps needed to unlock silencers, sights and various other Far Cry 6 attachments, but gunpowder is always the limiting factor. It’s more a currency that pays for upgrades rather than a component. As a rule you’ll rarely have enough of it to buy more than a couple of weapon upgrades at a time so, if you want to know where to find Far Cry 6 gunpowder then we can breakdown everything we know, and give you some locations to help you on your way. 

How to find more Far Cry 6 gunpowder 

Far Cry 6 gunpowder

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You’ll get Far Cry 6 gunpowder from completing missions, but find most of it out in the world inside red red FND crates. Road checkpoints often have gunpowder inside the building associated with them, so it’s a good idea to clear out any you see as well as any bases or enemy locations you discover. (Just be aware that you might visit some places as part of a mission so you could end up clearing some places out twice, but only collect its resources once.) 

You can increase your chances of finding more by collecting intel and rescuing prisoners to find out the location of more FND crates and caches. In addition you  can also get more from stealing airdrops, so if you see any yellow smoke plumes, race there fast  to grab the gear before soldiers take it. Also keep an eye out for these radio icons in the world and on the map: 

Far Cry 6 gunpowder

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Finding and triggering these will start an airdrop with a time limit you have to race against to reach them. Get there before the clock ticks down and you’ll be able to claim the airdrop for some gunpowder and other useful resources like Supremo Bond. 

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Far Cry 6 gunpowder locations

Far Cry 6 gunpowder

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The map above contains 25 locations where we’ve found Far Cry 6 gunpowder in the world so far. It’s not an exhaustive list, obviously – it’s the result of our passage through the game in the first 30 or so hours. You might take a different route through Yara and the available missions. However, if you want to collect some gunpowder fast this definitely will help you get started quickly.

  1. You’ll find your first gunpowder in the fort during Juan’s Du or Die mission. It’s in a red FND crate in the same room as the Uranium.
  2. You’ll find some gunpowder during the Sabotage the Viviro Nueve Plantation mission, on the roof of the blue building with the Biovida signs. 
  3. There’s some gunpowder on the bridge of one of the ships in the Quito Bay Blockade.
  4. There’s gunpowder on the ground floor of the mansion you visit as part of the Meet the Monteros mission.
  5. You’ll get some gunpowder as part of the second Chirozo mission, Fetch Quest, when you find him on Montero Farm.
  6. There’s some gunpowder between two of the blue and white tents during the Clear the Air mission where you have to destroy the poison tanks.
  7. There’s some gunpowder in the checkpoint here.
  8. You’ll find gunpowder on the construction site near the blue and white building you enter as part of the Blood Ties mission.
  9. Look for a small electrical substation just off the main road here to find some gunpowder. 
  10. The Castillo Senorial Tobacco Factory has a crate with gunpowder inside one of it’s buildings. 
  11. There’s a checkpoint here you can take out with gunpowder in the main office.
  12. Another checkpoint you can take down and find gunpowder inside the building. 
  13. There’s a prisoner camp here with some gunpowder you can loot from a crate. You’ll also visit here as part of the mission Break the Chains. 
  14. There’s an Academy here you’ll encounter during the missions Re-Education, with an FND crate containing gunpowder on the ground floor by the stairs.
  15. Along this road is another electrical substation you can break into to steal some gunpowder from a create.
  16. You’ll find the Gran Roca Telecom Station on top of a mountain here with some gunpowder to take once you’ve cleared out the enemy.
  17. There’s a checkpoint here with gunpowder in the office.
  18. You can find a monument here with some gunpowder in the square. You’ll also visit as part of the mission to get Chicharron the roaster.
  19. There’s a hotel here with some gunpowder in an office. You’ll also visit here as part of the mission Room Service. 
  20. There’s a coastal checkpoint here with some gunpowder.
  21. The radio tower here has gunpowder at the very top (you visit this area during the mission Restore the Radio Network).
  22. There’s a mansion here you’ll attack during the Secure Marquessa Villa mission. There’s gunpowder on the ground floor just inside the front door. 
  23. Clear the checkpoint out and there’s some gunpowder in the office. 
  24. Take out this checkpoint to get some gunpowder
  25. There’s a Biovida facility here with gunpowder inside one of its warehouses, it’s also part of the mission Intervention.

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