What to do with the Far Cry 6 mysterious key or locked chest

There’s a Far Cry 6 locked chest and mysterious key that could be a pain if you only find one. The chest is on Guau-Guau Island, while Chorizo has the key. However, there’s nothing obviously linking the two and it’s easy to find the two separately quite some time apart, making it possible you never connect the two in Far Cry 6. The sausage dog Chorizo is impossible to miss as well, while the chest is easy to completly miss on an out-of-the-way island you never have any real reason to visit, So if you’ve likely found one or the other and are none the wiser, we can help put two and two together with the Far Cry 6 mysterious key and locked chest.  

The Far Cry 6 locked chest on Guau-Guau Island

Far Cry 6 locked chest mysterious key

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You can discover the Far Cry 6 locked chest very early in the game when you’re exploring Isla Santuario. It’s a red treasure chest on the small island in the middle of Casas Cove called Guau-Guau Island, that says ‘Locked – Key Required’. Now your immediate response is likely to scour the small island looking for the key, or maybe some sort of clue. Give up on that, because the key can only be found as part of a specific mission you’ll get to later, which is coming up next…

The Far Cry 6 mysterious key

Far Cry 6 locked chest mysterious key

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You’ll find the Far Cry 6 mysterious key for the locked chest when you eventually get to Costa Del Mar and the Montero Farm Guerrilla camp in Madrugada. Here you can find Chorizo’s kennel where you’ll be able to trigger a mission called Who’s a Good Boy. That will see you hunting crocodiles to make some food for him. Once that’s done you’ll be able to access a second mission called Fetch Quest. Here you’ll follow Chorizo around as he digs up presents for you to recover. One of these will be a ‘Mysterious Key’. To find out what’s that’s for you’ll have to go into the menus and completely ignore the ‘Keys’ tab as for some reason this item is in the Logistics section, where the description mentions ‘Guau-Guau’ is scratched on the side and that Dani ‘thought I saw that on a beach somewhere on Isla Santuario’. 

Now, if you’ve already found the locked chest, noticed and remembered it was on Guau-Guau Island, then at this point there should be lightbulbs as you realise what all this means. If not, you’ve just got a key and some questions. Either way, head to the island on the map we showed you above and you’ll finally be able to open the chest and claim the reward, a unique rifle called ‘Fuck Anton’. 

Far Cry 6 locked chest mysterious key

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Now this rifle isn’t great for damage, but it does fire poison bullets that can make enemies turn on each other, and has rock-solid handling. Rather than outright assaulting bases, use it to tag as many soldiers as you can, then duck out of sight while they kill each other. 

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