Far Cry 6 third person mode explained

The idea of a Far Cry 6 third person mode (or 3rd person for the numerically-minded), has been circulating since footage of Dani playing with an over the shoulder third person camera mode made it online. Far Cry is a franchise that’s utilised first person camera angles for a long time now, but does Far Cry 6 have a third person mode that players can switch to, whether on foot or in vehicles? We’ll address camera modes, visibility and out-of-body experiences below.

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Far Cry 6 third person mode explained

Far Cry 6 third person

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

A Far Cry 6 third person mode doesn’t really exist, despite the fact that the camera will go to third person at specific points within the game. However, the player can’t control when this happens, it’s tied to certain events and locations. Specifically, players will experience a third person perspective in these moments:

  • During cutscenes
  • While walking around larger Guerrilla Camps 
  • When triggering the main ability of Supremos

This has been a matter of confusion because some available footage has shown these third person moments without the wider context of how rare they are. But beyond them, players will be locked into first person mode for the vast majority of Far Cry 6.

Third person mode in vehicles, horse riding, and wingsuit flight

Far Cry 6 exterminador supremo

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Third person mode would be even better at some moments in the game where players are controlling larger vehicles, on horseback, or steering themselves through the sky in wingsuit flight. Unfortunately, there’s no third person mode available here either, despite the difficulty that many players have navigating roads in Far Cry 6. Future updates may correct this and we’ll alter this page accordingly, but at time of writing players are limited to peering out of the grimy windscreen and hoping they don’t run over anything too endangered. Or, in the case of the wingsuit, crashing headlong into it from above.

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