How to unlock Far Cry 6 preorder bonuses and DLC

There’s a lot of Far Cry 6 preorder bonuses and DLC, and it’s not always clear where they are in the game if you’re trying to find or trigger different extras. There’s preorder bonus downloadable content for the Season Pass, for the Ultimate Edition, Gold Edition, plus stuff you can buy in Far Cry 6 for for Ubisoft coins and more. But how do you actually unlock all this Far Cry 6 preorder and DLC content? it’s not just a case of finding it either. depending how you play and progress the main story it could be a while before you get to play with all the extras, new weapons, gear, amigos, vehicles and more. So, to save you time, we’ll cover how to unlock all the Far Cry 6 preorder bonuses and DLCs now. 

How to unlock Far Cry 6 DLC and preorder bonuses

Far Cry 6 pre order dlc

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Any downloadable content and preorder bonuses you’ve got for Far Cry 6 will largely become accessible after completing a campaign mission called “The Guerilla”. If you do nothing else but pursue Far Cry 6’s main plot, this should be done within two hours at the latest, and occurs just after leaving the starting island of Isla Santuario. The full list of campaign missions you’ll have to complete is as follows:

  1. La Noche de le Muerte
  2. The Lucky One
  3. Juan of a Kind
  4. Du or Die
  5. Fuel the Revolution
  6. Libertad Rises
  7. The Guerrilla

Effectively you’ll get all the extras when the entirety of the Yara map opens up for exploration – until then, you’re in an unofficial tutorial. However, once that quest is done, you’ll get an alert from the game telling you that you can now use all those extras, and they’ll be automatically unlocked and added to your inventory accordingly.

How to play the Far Cry 6 Season Pass

Far Cry 6 season pass

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The Far Cry 6 Season Pass is, at time of the game’s release, currently unplayable (with the exception of the Blood Dragon set, a weapon and outfit pack). We know that it will include three content updates based around the three former villains of the Far Cry franchise, but at time of writing it’s not clear when we can expect them to be added. We’ll be sure to update this page when we know more.

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