What are Fortnite Clingers and where can you find them

Fortnite Clingers were first introduced back in the very early days of the battle royale, however they were vaulted towards the end of Chapter 1 and have only recently been reintroduced to the game. They’re a particularly effective weapon in Fortnite thanks to the plunger mounted on the front, which causes them to stick to the first surface (or player) they make contact with before exploding three seconds later. If you’re keeping up with the Fortnite quests then you’ll need to damage players with a Clinger, which naturally means you’ll want to get you hands on this attachable explosive, so here’s everything you need to know about Fortnite Clingers and where to find them.

Where to find Fortnite Clingers

Fortnite Clingers

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Unfortunately, Fortnite Clingers only appear as part of the general loot pool, so there aren’t any specific locations you can go to and be guaranteed to find them. Instead you’ll need to check floor loot locations, open Chests, or search Supply Drops for a chance to discover them, so make sure you’re keeping a look out. For clarification, you can purchase the Boom Sniper Rifle weapon from Fortnite characters Lt. John Llama or The Scientist for 500 bars which fires Clingers as its projectiles, however these only count as sniper rifle damage so will not give you damage with a Fortnite Clinger towards the quest total.

How to damage players with a Fortnite Clinger

Fortnite Clingers

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Once you’ve found some Fortnite Clingers, which are collected in stacks of three, you need to damage players with them. As with standard grenades and other thrown items, you can either hold down the aim button to show the expected trajectory then press fire to launch, or hold down fire to see the arc then release to throw. Ideally you want to hit your opponent with the Clinger to make it stick to them, at which point they can’t shake it off (unless they quickly emote) and it’ll deal maximum damage, but even if it lands nearby it can still cause splash damage. Do this until you’ve racked up 100 damage to players with a Fortnite Clinger and your assignment is completed.

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