Fortnite Motorboats locations for all of the boat spawns

Fortnite Motorboats have been a standard vehicle found throughout the island since the beginning of Chapter 2, and while all sorts of other transport has come and gone in that time you can rely on these boats to zip you around the waters, or even over land if you’re prepared to boost your way through. Having a mounted rocket launcher also makes this a formidable weapon in Fortnite, as the player piloting the ship can deal large amounts of damage to enemies and structures alike with a well-aimed salvo. If you need to catch an aquatic ride, then these are all of the Fortnite motorboats locations you need to know.

Fortnite motorboats locations

Fortnite Motorboats locations map

(Image credit: Epic Games)

We’ve identified around 50 Fortnite motorboats locations on the island in total, and as you’d expect, they’re all near water. Most of them are dotted round the outskirts of the map, while there’s also some along the rivers and in the lakes a little more inland. They require fuel to get around, so watch out for waterside Fortnite gas pumps if you’re starting to run low.

You can drive the Fortnite motorboats along land – and you can go impressively fast if you boost – but it slowly ticks away at the health of the vehicle, depleting one damage per second. They’re also equipped with a rocket launcher which deals serious damage per shot, but there’s quite a wait between shots, so make sure you’re accurate. Use the targeting camera if you need to, which zooms out further than the usual view.

Each Fortnite motorboat can carry a full squad of four, with one person awkwardly stood looming over the driver, judging their driving skills. Make sure you’ve got the most skilled driver at the wheel though because each boat has a maximum health of just 800, which isn’t a lot for a vehicle. Happy boating!

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