Fortnite mounted turrets

Knowing where to find Fortnite mounted turrets is essential information if you’re trying to use a mounted turret to damage vehicles or repair any turret using the Repair Torch, to clear those assignments. These Fortnite quests are made confusing by the fact that although ‘turrets’ are referenced in both, they actually involve two completely separate types of weapons – and while you might be thinking of the classic Turret Stations, they haven’t been around for several seasons. So whether you need Fortnite mounted turrets to damage vehicles or Fortnite turrets to repair, we’ve got both of them covered.

Fortnite mounted turrets locations

Fortnite mounted turrets map

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Fortnite mounted turrets can be a little tricky to track down, owing to that fact that they’re attached to Fortnite Tanks and Fortnite Battlebuses, so they can be taken and driven around by other players. However, we’ve marked all of their starting locations on the map above, so if you head to one of these places at the beginning of a match then you should find the vehicle you’re looking for – especially if it’s away from the current bus drop off route, meaning there’s less chance of another player getting there before you.

Fortnite Siege Cannon locations

Fortnite Siege Cannons map

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Week 10 Resistance Quests

Fortnite Set up a Generator near the Holotable

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Find out how to cut power to Control Panels in Fortnite, and then set up a Generator near the Holotable in Fortnite.

The Fortnite turrets you can repair using the Repair Torch are actually the chunky Siege Cannons installed by the Imagined Order, and handily there are plenty of them around. Unsurprisingly, there’s a big cluster of them around Command Cavern and The Collider, which are the two main IO bases of operation now, though you’ll also find them encircling Tilted Towers where the last battle with the Seven took place.

Those areas all tend to be pretty hectic with combat, so if you’re looking for a quieter location to repair Fortnite turrets then you have a couple of Fortnite IO Airship crash sites off the coast to choose from. Both the Daily Rubble to the east of The Daily Bugle and Canyon Crash to the southeast of Condo Canyon have a Siege Cannon sat neatly on top of the blimp wreckage, where you’re much less likely to be disturbed by other players.

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