Swarovski x Halo Infinite collection is up for grabs in a sweepstakes

Xbox has teamed up with Swarovski to create a pair of extremely shiny, extremely not-for-sale crystal glass Halo collectibles.

The Swarovski x Halo Infinite collection is composed of a Master Chief helmet made from a solid piece of crystal glass and what appears to be a gold-plated, faceted visor, as well as a crystal glass energy sword with pointy metal tips and matching stand. Only 117 (as in John-117) of each are up for grabs, and the only way to get a set is to enter the official sweepstakes, which is exclusively open to residents of the United States. 

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It sounds like Swarovski, which is more or less synonymous with crystal glass decorations and jewelry, may be interested in doing more video game crossovers in the future; the sweepstakes entry form asks entrants if they’d be interested in buying Halo crystal collectibles if they were made for sale.

The survey also asks about other game franchises entrants would like to see get a similar collectible treatment, including Fortnite, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and more. Your dreams of owning a cabinet’s worth of gleaming crystal Skull Troopers, Snorlax, and Mr. Resettis may yet come true.

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