You can boost your Far Cry 6 framerate by disabling Ubisoft Connect

A Far Cry 6 player may have discovered a way to boost the game’s performance, simply by turning off an overlay.

In a post on Reddit (opens in new tab), user contrabardus said that while playing on PC, they disabled the overlay for Ubisoft Connect – the service that ties together Ubisoft’s loyalty program and desktop app – in an attempt to get rid of a notification bug.

Doing so reportedly “bumped up and stabilized my FPS significantly […] I went from getting just below 60-ish FPS with dips as low as 48, to around 70-ish and no dips below 60.” The user says they were playing on a PC with some impressive specs, but that they’ve been playing Far Cry 6 “with every graphics setting maxed out.”

To turn off Ubisoft Connect on PC, you’ll need to open Uplay, open the menu in the top-left corner of the screen, and head to settings. From there, under the ‘general’ tab, uncheck the “enable in-game overlay for supported games” box. If you’ve currently got Far Cry 6 or any other Ubisoft game open, you’ll need to restart it before any changes take effect.

It’s not currently clear whether Ubisoft services are limiting performance on other platforms, but the impact of Ubisoft Connect seems to be less keenly felt on PS5, at least. The software opens up a browser page, but doesn’t appear to be running in the background. GamesRadar+ has found that frame rate hasn’t fluctuated or dipped below 60fps throughout its playthrough.

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