Take a look at the full Dying Light 2 map and see how big it is

The Dying Light 2 map is pretty big, unsurprisingly, since it takes place in an entire city. However, you’ll be several hours in before you see all the major areas of Villedor, or even longer depending on how much time you spend in the opening area. The Old Villedor starting location feels pretty big to begin with as it is, and has loads of things to do in it. However, when you reach a crucial point in the Dying Light 2 story you’ll be able to leave this initial region and move on – opening up the full map, which more than doubles the size of your zombie-infested playground.

So, if you want to prepare yourself for the scale of what you’re about to face, or just want to have a look, here’s the full Dying Light 2 map. This is what the game looks like, post credits, with a good deal of side quests and activities done. I’m currently about 100-ish hours in, and there’s still plenty to do. You might find that the Dying Light 2 length varies based on your playstyle.

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Full Dying Light 2 map

dying light 2 map

(Image credit: Techland)

At the start of the game, you’ll be confined to the top left area of the Dying Light 2 map. Those four regions are full of activities and quests to find, and you can easily spend hours in there alone. However, you’ll want to move on eventually as a lot of the best Dying Light 2 gear is unlocked in the second, bigger region. When you eventually reach this main area you’ll unlock a paraglider, for example, so you can fly from roof to roof. There’s also a grappling hook later on down the line. 

In terms of differences, the main one is the start area only has two or three storey buildings. When you get to the second area you’ll find skyscrapers thousands of feet high. Climb them and you can see for miles, and fly for as long as you can hold on with the paraglider. There’s an in-game pair of binoculars as well, that you can use to scout the area and add markers to your map, which is one of a few good Dying Light 2 tips – it makes it easier to get a lay of the land and see what’s out there, without having to discover everything manually.

There is also fast travel, helpfully, which is eventually unlocked once you’re more settled in the world. It lets you travel between a few bases and some Metro stations that have to be unlocked first – you might have to turn some generators on, or remove enemies that have taken over, but before long you should have somewhere you can travel to in every area. Look at these Dying Light 2 fast travel and Metro locations to help you get access to fast travel points quickly.

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