Which Dying Light 2 radio frequency to pick in Pilgrims Path

Choosing the correct Dying Light 2 radio frequency in the Pilgrim’s Path story quest will allow Aiden to make contact with a mysterious informant that can help him get a little closer to finding the people he’s looking for. After meeting with Spike at the very beginning of Dying Light 2, Aiden climbs up to an abandoned building full of radio transmission equipment to communicate with the informant at the other end. But if you’ve forgotten the Dying Light 2 radio frequency to choose, we’re here to help you with that in our guide below.

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Which Dying Light 2 radio frequency to choose

Dying light 2 radio frequency

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There’ll be numerous radio frequencies to pick from once you sit down, but the one you need to pick is 140.200MHz. There’s actually two chances to try this frequency – once when you arrive late at night, and again in the morning after choosing to rest. Doing so the first time doesn’t actually accomplish anything – the contact isn’t available in the late hours. Hit the hay and wait for morning, or feel free to channel hop between the various frequencies to see what you can find. Speaking of which:

What happens if you choose the wrong frequency?

Dying light 2 radio frequency

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There’s no downside to trying all the other frequencies that the radio gives you, though there’s not a lot of upsides to it either. Aiden can’t make contact with any new NPCs or change the story path at this point in the game, but what you do get is the chance to get little snippets of conversation from places and characters you’ve yet to encounter. These won’t really provide a lot of context, effectively acting as teasers for what’s to come, but they’re a nice fuel for intrigue or can act as a “hey, so that’s what that was!” moment on subsequent playthroughs. 

You can cycle through all of them if you like, but don’t take this as a part of the tutorial – this is a moment very specific to this point of Dying Light 2, and isn’t setting up a broader mechanic about radio contact and channels of communication or anything. Make contact, work out a meeting point, and continue on your journey to Villedor to progress through the tutorial and reach the full Dying Light 2 map.

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