The best Dying Light 2 endings and how to earn them yourself

There are several Dying Light 2 endings you can get thanks to the choices you make in-game. Things can vary pretty wildly, with options spinning off depending on what Aiden does with the Survivors, Peacekeepers, Lawan, Hakon, Waltz, the Renegades and more. Whether you’re looking for the best ending for Dying Light 2 and a proper happily-ever-after, or if you want to see which ending you’re heading for based on your decisions, we’ll explain the different Dying Light 2 endings and how to get them below. Obviously, spoilers follow since we address the final moments of the game, as well as the choices throughout the story that lead up to them.

OBVIOUSLY MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD: If you don’t want to know how things end in Dying Light 2 then stop reading now.

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Dying Light 2 endings explained

Dying Light 2

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There are quite a few Dying Light 2 endings to get and we’ll be honest straight off the bat that we haven’t found them all yet (though we’ll be updating this guide the moment we do). However, we’ve laid out those we have obtained below, as well as the choices that seem to lead to them.

Regardless of your decisions during the game, Dying Light 2 concludes in the same place: a location called X13. Here, you make some choices that form the finale of the game where a final cinematic changes depending on certain key choices. While you do a lot over the course of Dying Light 2, there’s actually only a small number of key decisions that impact the ending, who lives, who dies, and what happens to Villedor.

The Fate of Villedor

Dying Light 2 endings

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The city’s rulers change according to your actions – specifically one action, from what we can tell – but there’s also a more dramatic option that means there’s no Villedor for anybody to really control by the end. This all takes place during the Broadcast quest with the Dying Light 2 radio tower

  • Survivors rule Villedor: Give the Radio Tower to Frank
  • Peacekeepers rule Villedor: Give the Radio Tower to Matt or Juan

This option locks in the ruling faction. However, in the final mission, if you choose to save Lawan rather than allow her to blow up the missiles the city is destroyed. It’s technically ruled over by one side or another, but it’s clearly a minor detail considering the game states most of the human population was killed in the missile strikes.

What happens to Lawan and Aiden in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 endings

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Beyond the larger question of control, there’s also the question of whether our main characters survive or not. We haven’t tried out every variation of this yet, but here’s some results we can say for certain happen:

  • Lawan blows up the missiles and survives: If you let her blow up the missiles in the final quest, but spared Hakon’s life in the No Mercy sidequest, he returns to save her at the last second, meaning both her and Villedor get to live. The ending shows her and Aiden leaving the city to explore the world together.
  • Lawan doesn’t blow up the missiles and survives: If you try to intervene, you play a timed mission where you have two minutes to reach her before the bombs go off (don’t worry if you fail, you just try again). Aiden reaches her in time but nearly loses control of his monsterness – only to go all King Kong and climb out of the base with her over one shoulder. However, the missiles launch, Villedor is blown up, and Aiden leaves the city afterwards alone, not wanting his transformations to hurt anybody else.

It’s important to remember that you can keep playing in the world after the ending, though the game admits that it’ll adjust certain choices to allow for this. For example, it assumes you didn’t blow up Villedor because otherwise there wouldn’t be any buildings to parkour across. There is is also no Dying Light 2 new game plus mode for you to try, but there are plenty of free roam activities and side quests for you to mop up.

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