Where to find Dying Light 2 inhibitors to improve your health and stamina

Finding Dying Light 2 inhibitors is the fastest way to level up your Aiden as every three you find lets you boost his Health or Stamina. Levelling these provides their own benefits, but you’ll also unlock more Dying Light 2 combat and parkour skills and abilities. This will obviously help you out a lot, particularly early on, so you might want to get as many Inhibitors as you possibly can by searching for the special GRE crates they come in. 

We’ve got a bunch of Dying Light 2 Inhibitor locations to help you get things moving. Obviously this isn’t every single one in the game, but there are 30 locations here for you check out, netting nearly 60 inhibitors which will let you level up 20 times. 

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How to get more Dying Light 2 Inhibitors 

Dying Light 2 inhibitors

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There are Dying Light 2 Inhibitors scattered all over the map inside special blue and white GRE crates. You’ll know when you’re nearby as your GRE key will tell you when you’re within 50 meters. It will also, helpfully, display the distance, so by moving around you can zero in as the number goes up or down. 

There are five main sources where you can find Inhibitors in Dying Light 2, which we’ve detailed below. You can also occasionally find them inside safes, but it’s not the most frequent or easiest option. You’ll need Dying Light 2 safe codes to open those.

  • GRE facility: You can’t miss these large buildings covered in green sheeting. The entrance is always on the roof and you can only get in at night, as they’re overrun with infected. There are always four inhibitors to find over several floors and usually a big fight at the end to get out. 
  • GRE anomaly: These are basically boss fights with special infecteds. Again, you can only access them at night. You only have to kill the main anomaly boss, so ignore the mobs until that’s done. When they’re dead a GRE trailer will open, letting you claim two inhibitors. 
  • Metro stations: There are Metro stations all over the map that function as fast travel points once you unlock them. You’ll also get a single inhibitor as a reward.  
  • GRE crates: You’ll occasionally find random GRE crates dotted around the city that will usually get you a single inhibitor. They can be in buildings, underwater, in GRE trailers and many other locations. 
  • Missions: Doing missions won’t earn you inhibitors as such, but they will often walk you past GRE crates to make sure you always find some eventually.  

Dying Light 2 Inhibitor locations

Dying Light 2 inhibitors

(Image credit: Techland)

These are the Dying Light 2 Inhibitors we found in an 80-hour playthrough. If you’re able to find a lot of these Inhibitors early, that should bring down the Dying Light 2 length for you. As we said, it’s obviously not all of them but there are 59 here which should be more than enough to get you started, and you’ll likely find loads more as you follow the directions below looking for them. 

  1. You’ll get your first inhibitor as part of a tutorial mission called Markers of Plague
  2. There’s an inhibitor in a Night Runner hideout here. It’s in a safe, with the combination 101, which you can find on a note in a box by the bed.
  3. Metro station: 1 inhibitor for unlocking
  4. GRE facility: 4 inhibitors
  5. GRE anomaly: 2 inhibitors 
  6. Found during the Only Way is Out mission: 2 Inhibitors
  7. Found during the Unruly Brother side mission: 2 Inhibitors
  8. GRE facility: 4 inhibitors
  9. GRE anomaly: 2 inhibitors 
  10. GRE trailer: 1 inhibitor
  11. Climb the tower above the Bandit camp and a single inhibitor can be found in a safe with in a small office with the combination 313. 
  12. GRE crate found at the end of the mission Orders: 2 inhibitors
  13. GRE facility: 4 inhibitors
  14. GRE anomaly: 2 inhibitors 
  15. Metro station: 1 inhibitor for unlocking
  16. GRE crate in a building: 1 inhibitor
  17. Metro station: 1 inhibitor for unlocking
  18. GRE crate underwater, below a bridge: 1 inhibitor
  19. GRE crate underwater, below a bridge: 1 inhibitor
  20. GRE crate the mission Cathedral: 1 inhibitor
  21. Metro station: 1 inhibitor for unlocking
  22. GRE trailer: 1 inhibitor
  23. Metro station: 1 inhibitor for unlocking
  24. GRE anomaly: 2 inhibitors
  25. GRE anomaly: 2 inhibitors
  26. GRE anomaly: 2 inhibitors
  27. GRE facility: 4 inhibitors
  28. GRE facility: 4 inhibitors
  29. Metro station: 1 inhibitor for unlocking
  30. GRE facility: 4 inhibitors
  31. GRE anomaly: 2 inhibitors

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